Jason Skeldon Artwork

Jason Skeldon

JasonSkeldon.com - Jason Skeldon was born 3/31/1983 in Las Vegas, NV, travelling to Ohio, Georgia and Florida until he graduated from high school. His father was in the Air Force, his mom was a hairstylist, and his older brother and younger sister worked as paramedics for 8 years. Jason explains that he always wanted to pursue a career in art, but was scared to take the risk. One day his friend convinced him to give up being a paramedic and pursue art. Most of his friends have his art hanging in their homes, but the public didn’t really know that he painted. Then one day his friend posted a picture of his art that he did for him on his social media, and things blew up from there. Now Jason has had shows in Tampa, Miami, and Los Angeles, and was recently featured at Freedom’s Art Basel party! A huge come-up for this talented, young artist!!